Archery Association of Namibia

The Archery Association of Namibia is the regulatory body for Namibian Archery and represents both target archery and field archery.

The Archery Association of Namibia is affiliated to both World Archery and the International Field Archery Association I.F.A.A, as well as the Namibian National Olympic Committee and the Namibian Sports Commission.

Namibia will hosted the bi-annual ARFAC on the Windhoek Field Archery range 20km east
of Windhoek on the Heja game Lodge grounds from 29 April - 1 May 2017

Enter here ARFAC 2017

Namibia hosted the 11th FAA Championships & African Continental Qualifying Tournament for Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 from 28-31 January 2016 at DTS, Windhoek

Archery in Namibia would like to thank the following sponsors that supported the NASP Namibia team
Ian Dickie
Dr Wucher
Family Morgan